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Queenswood College is Registered as an Ontario Career College under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005. Queenswood College offers professional short and preparatory courses and diploma to prepare you for an excellent life, job and education in Canada. It prepares you for a 2nd career or to upgrade your skills for a better paying job.

Office Administration Diploma

Learn More about our Office Administration Diploma course

Preparation Courses


Medical Office Assistant Diploma

Be job-ready with our Medical Office Assistant Program, we offer full time and part time.

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Personal Support Worker Certificate

If you want to work in health care industry then this is the good program for you to get your job ready in less than 6 months.

Business administration course near toronto
Business Administration Diploma

Queenswood College offers free classes for Senior Citizens English speaking and basic computer courses.

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Food Service Worker Certificate

If you want to work in health care kitchens or in the food industry then this is the good program for you to get your job ready in 16 weeks.

Short & Other Courses

Basic Computer, Microsoft Office, English speaking, Business skills, Communication skills, Accounting, Data Entry, CPR/FIRST AID, Food Handler Certificate

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Community Give Back Initiative

Queenswood College offers free classes for Senior Citizens English speaking and basic computer courses.

Refer a Friend

Queenswood College gives you a chance to help someone upgrade their skills.

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A volunteer position with the Queenswood College Initiative is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is seeking experience in Canada. If you are interested in this position send us your resume we will try to help you.

Summer Workshop

Join us as we travel around the world learning and making some quick and easy no cooking – no baking dishes. From hot and spicy Asian kitchen, through the exotic dishes of the Mediterranean to the tropical dishes of the Caribbean

Budget planning, spreadsheet with report graph. Accounting or investment concept
Computerized Accounting Diploma

Learn More about our Computerized Accounting Diploma course

Benefits of studying with Queenswood College in Brampton

For students looking for colleges in Mississauga, Brampton, Celadon, and Toronto, Queenswood College is an accessible education option. Benefits of studying here include:


Free Education Consultancy – Call 905-872-0088
If you’re not sure how and where to get started in your first or second career, then meet our experienced career counsellor who will understand your unique circumstances to suggest the courses or diplomas. Study English speaking, Computers, professional diplomas, and more.


Be Job-ready
Our diploma and short-courses help you be job-ready. Our diploma offer hands-on learning opportunities in a professional environment, so that you can get jobs immediately after the course. Our college in the Brampton area is conveniently located.

upgrade your language skills

Upgrade your language and technical skills
Take our ESL, Communication and Computer courses to upgrade your professional and personal skills at our college in Brampton. Take your life, work and business to the next level with a short course at Queenswood College, Canada.

Have a second career

Have a second career
Have a 2nd career in Ontario and other provinces after taking the Registered as an Ontario Career College programs Canada offers. Queenswood College Brampton accepts 2nd career funding and has short courses and diploma that train you in relevant skills and prepare you for a successful second career. We are one of the Ontario Career Colleges for 2nd career courses.

small class size for data entry course

Take group or personal classes
With Queenswood College in Brampton, you have the choice of taking individual or group classes. For most of our group courses, we have small-sized classes, so that you get personalized study assistance. 

Popular Courses at Queenswood College (Brampton)

Our popular courses help you upgrade your skills in Computers, English Language, Medical Administration, and more.

Medical Office Assistants Diploma (MOA)

Be job-ready with our Medical Office Assistants Diploma that is for less than a year and includes 240 hours of hands-on clinical training. MOA Diploma offered at Queenswood College (Brampton) prepares you for job roles like Medical Administrator/Receptionist, Medical/Health Office Assistant, Medical Transcriptionist, Hospital Clerk and Medical Secretary.
If you are looking for second career colleges, then you can opt for Queenswood College’s Medical Office Assistant program to be job-ready in less than a year. Read more.

Medical Office Assistant Diploma


IELTS Preparation

Get your desired IELTS band with our IELTS Pro division that prepares students for both Academic and General IELTS tests. IELTS Academic coaching classes are designed for students aiming to get admission in Colleges in Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton or other regions in Canada and outside Canada.
IELTS General is designed to train students to achieve bands required to get Canadian PR, Work visa, Citizenship, etc. Other preparatory courses we offer: TOEFL, Canadian Citizenship Examination, and CELPIP, CELBAN. Read more.

IELTS Preparation

Get your desired band for IELTS and TOEFL.

Basic Computer Course

Upgrade your computer skills to get a new job, move out of the labour market, move up in your company, and upgrade your business and lives. House wives and stay-at-home dads can learn computer skills to work from home, pay bills, do banking and shop online (be saved from the harsh cold), and keep up with your child’s education and internet awareness.
Businessmen and self-employed people can digitise their businesses for ease of operation, higher staff accountability, and improved promotion and sales opportunities. Read More.

Basic Computer Course

Learn how to operate a computer and use the internet.

English Speaking/ ESL Course

Learn the national language of Canada to open new work opportunities, communicate with confidence, sell better, and study. Newcomers and job hunters can learn to confidently speak and understand English with us, so that no one can take advantage of you or sell you products and services that are not their worth.
Businessmen and self-employed people can use their ESL skills learnt with us to expand their business with better sales, presentation and marketing. Read more.

English Speaking/ESL

Learn how to confidently speak the first language of Canada.

Data Entry Course

Learn how to type with speed and accuracy with Queenswood College’s Data Entry Course. Our expert teachers teach you the correct way to type with speed. If you operate a computer on a regular basis at work or to study, then this Data Entry Course at our College in Brampton can help you gain typing speed to complete tasks efficiently.
This keyboarding course is designed to help you type with confidence and enter data with accuracy and speed.

Data Entry Course

Learn how to type with speed and accuracy.

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