Computer Courses in Brampton

Learn computer skills with our computer courses to connect with the world and get better jobs. In Canada’s harsh winters, knowing how to use a computer can help seniors, stay-at-home moms and dad, and people who work from home do a lot of things from the warmth of their house.
Our computer courses prepare YOU to work online, get better jobs, connect with people on social media, pay bills or shop online, help your kids with studies, and ensure your kids’ online safety.

This is a perfect course for you, if you wish to:

  • Upgrade your computer skills
  • Rise to better jobs in your company or elsewhere
  • Work from home
  • Connect with friends and family
  • Network with work associates online
  • Send emails for work
  • Make presentations, documents and excel sheets on computer
  • Pay bills or shop online
  • Help your kids with elearning and online education

Computer Courses in Toronto Area – Information

Join our computer courses to upgrade your skills.
Course 1: Basic Computer Course
Course 2:
Intermediate Computer Course
Course 3: Advanced Computer Course

Course type: Certificate
Campus: Brampton, ON
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Computer Course Highlights

If you wish to learn a skill that will help in both your personal and professional life, then join our Computer courses in Toronto Area (Brampton).


Weekdays (Morning & Evening) and weekend classes available
Choose a day and time that suits you to learn computer skills with our expert teachers.

small class size for data entry course

Small class size
We teach in small groups so that each person gets individual attention to learn as per their capability.


One-on-one attention
One-on-one attention is given to learners, so that all the skills taught by us can be perfected by you without any hurry.

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Learn basic to advanced computer skills
We offer Basic, Intermediate and Advanced computer courses. Our basic courses help workers, stay-at-home moms and dads, seniors, kids and newcomers in Canada to learn a valuable skill.


Upgrade to betters jobs in your company
A short computer course can help you move to a white collar job in your company or apply for jobs in other companies.


Work from the comfort of your home
With various earning opportunities available on the web, you can work from home during harsh winters, if you have good computer skills. Our computer courses  can help you learn tools like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to easily work from home.


Who can do this course?
Anyone with any level of education, basic knowledge of English, and any age can learn how to use a computer in an efficient and safe manner. Our computer courses in Brampton (close to Mississauga) can help learners with any level of knowledge.

We highly recommend computer courses to:

  1. Everyone!
  2. Newcomers in Canada
  3. Seniors
  4. Housewives and Stay-at-home dads
  5. Labour market employees looking to move to a white collar job

Course Outline – Basic to Advanced Computer Courses in Brampton

The outline of these courses help you use computers confidently to connect with the world, apply for entry-level jobs, pay bills or shop online, help your kids with e-learning, and to keep up with your kids’ computer and internet usage.

Basic Computer Course

Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of English language

Introduction to Computers: Learn essentialComputer skills to succeed in most jobs and to connect with the world.

Internet Usage: Learn online transactions, commerce and interaction.

 Computer Networking: Gain knowledge about computer hardware, operating systems, and network security.

 Microsoft Office: Create documents on Microsoft Word, save data in Microsoft Excel and create presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.

 Emails (with attachments): Learn how to save drafts, attach documents to your emails, and save attachments from emails to your Desktop.

 Social Media: Learn to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn to connect with your contacts around the world.

Intermediate Computer Course

Pre-requisite: Basic Computer Knowledge

Microsoft Word: Learn to use Smart/Word Art, Work with pictures, Understand section breaks, Create a table of Content, Work with quick styles, and Use installed and custom templates.

Microsoft Excel: Format custom themes, Use quick styles, Use conditional and custom formatting, reference data, create tables, sort, and filter data, group and outline data, and create modify and format charts. Use formulae to look up, modify text and use conditional logic. Add, modify and format graphic objects.

Microsoft PowerPoint: Explore the tool, create presentation files, add, edit and manipulate text, manage slides, create and modify tables, add and modify graphics, and create a summary slide and supporting documents. Proofread, preview and print slides, and prepare and deliver an on-screen slide show.

Advanced Computer Course

Pre-requisite: Intermediate Computer Knowledge

Microsoft Word: Understand Mail merge, protect and share a document,  review, compare and combine document versions, use citations and sources, and use bookmarks, footnotes, endnotes and captions.

Microsoft Excel: Use formulae to do financial calculations and analysis, toolbar to project values, learn Pivot Tables and Chart Reports, Use Formula Auditing tools, Correct errors in formulas, modify workbook properties, use hyperlinks, customize quick access toolbar, automate tasks and macros, and protect, review and consolidate workbooks.

Microsoft PowerPoint: Insert and modify charts and diagrams, use hyperlinks, animation and media clips, use custom slides and layouts, modify presentation properties, create custom themes, customize quick access toolbar, and protect, share and review presentations.

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