Computerized Accounting Diploma

If you have accounting background and want to learn about Canadian accounting system then the Computerized Accounting Diploma Program is a right choice for you.

Our Computerized Accounting Diploma provides students with a hands-on training in financial accounting and the operation of accounting software.

Bookkeeper, Accounting and related clerks calculate, prepare and process bills, invoices, accounts payable and receivable, budgets and other financial records according to established procedures.

This course is perfect for you, if you:

  • Are preparing for a secure career
  • Wish to upgrade your skills for a better job
  • Are laid off
  • Want to have a 2nd career
  • Are new to Canada and need to start a career
  • Are tired of working in the Labor market

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Computerized Accounting Diploma Information

Join this course to be qualified for accounting jobs in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and anywhere else in Canada.
Course Name: Computerized Accounting Diploma
Duration: 37 Weeks
NOC Code: 1431
Course type: Diploma
Campus: Brampton, ON

Computerized Accounting Diploma Highlights

If you wish to work in an accounting office, to process financial records and business transactions such as accounts payable and receivable, payroll, purchase orders, cheques, invoices, cheque requisitions, and bank statements in a ledger or computer system, then join Computerized Accounting Diploma offered by Queenswood College.

  • Get Accounting diploma in less than a year
    Our course is a 37-week long program. In this time period, you are taught
    skills required to independently administer accounting in an office.
  • 2nd career funding accepted
    We accept 2nd career funding. Therefore, if you’re planning to move to a second career, then our Computerized Accounting Diploma course is a good option for you.
  • Be job-ready!
    With hands-on training, valuable office skills, accounting skills and accounting industry skills taught through our Computerized Accounting diploma, you are made ready to take up bookkeeping and accounting jobs in any office.
  • Apply for jobs
    After the completion of the Computerized Accounting Diploma program with us, you can apply for jobs like:
    – Accounting clerk
    – Accounts payable clerk
    – Accounts receivable clerk
    – Bookkeeper
    – Audit clerk
    – Billing clerk
    – Budget clerk
    – Costing clerk
    – Deposit clerk
    – Finance clerk
    – Freight-rate clerk
    – Invoice clerk
    – Ledger clerk
  • Who can do this course? (Admission Requirements)
    OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) or equivalent or mature student (of at least 18 years of age) who has successfully completed Ministry approved qualifying test from the college.
    To take the qualifying test, call: +1 905-872-0088

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