Data Entry Course in Brampton

If you are in a job or study environment where you need to type on a regular basis, then data entry skills are essential for you. Keyboarding, data entry or typing classes help you learn the right technique to type with speed and accuracy.
Our data entry courses in Brampton are designed to train individuals for professional typing. Our experienced instructors observe your learning path and help you improve your data entry skills.

This is a perfect course for you, if you:

  • Are tech savvy
  • Want to improve your typing speed
  • Work on computers for extended hours
  • Want to improve accuracy in data entry
  • Searching for jobs requiring extensive use of computers
  • Move from labour market to a desk job

Data Entry Course - Information

If you’re searching for ‘data entry course near me’, then Queenswood College’s Data Entry Classes in Brampton are your answer. Join our data entry training course to excel at efficient typing.
Course Name: Data Entry Course / Typing / Keyboarding
Course type: Certificate
Campus: Brampton, ON
Days: Mon to Fri between
Time: 10 am to 5 pm (Call us for more details: +1 905-872-0088)

One on one classes available

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Typing Classes - Highlights

If you use computers in your day-to-day life, then it’s a great idea to take keyboarding training. Here are a few highlights of our Data Entry or Typing course:

small class size for data entry course

Small class size
Learning becomes easier and fruitful when you get the due attention from your teacher. Our Data Entry course has small class sizes, so that you can learn the right typing techniques at your pace.


One-to-one classes available
You can opt for individual classes, if you feel the need for personalized attention. These classes enable teachers to understand your unique requirements to teach you how to type with speed and accuracy.


Flexible schedule
You can choose a day and time as per your availability from Monday to Friday. This will help you learn an essential skill without disturbing your daily schedule.


Best typing techniques
We teach the best typing techniques to you, so that you are able to carry out all Data Entry related tasks with efficiency and in little time. We use both manual and software-based tools to teach you typing with efficiency.

typewriter (1)

Proper practice
Our data entry course emphasises on constant practice, as practice makes a man perfect. In our typing classes, we offer various practice modules to ensure that you’re able to build up your typing speed to work deadlines.

Course Outline - Data Entry

Here’s the outline of this short course that teaches excellent typing skills:

Keyboarding Technique: Learn the right techniques for using a keyboard to improve your efficiency while typing and entering data.

Typing Speed: If you do a lot of work using computers, then typing at a good speed is essential for you to make timely deliveries and meet deadlines at work.

 Data Entry Accuracy: It is important for a professional to type accurately, without any typos and mistakes, so that they can deliver quality work on time and improve productivity.

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