English Speaking Course in Brampton

Learn basic, intermediate and advanced English Speaking skills. Get assessed for your level of English Knowledge and begin learning with the right course for you.

English is the first language of Canada and is an internationally spoken language. Learning English will make you independent anywhere in the world.

Be fluent in English Language with the help of our experienced instructors. Learn how to communicate fluently and with confidence and be correct with grammar and sentence structure.

This course prepares you for growth in Canada. Without knowing English you may be able to survive in this country, but to grow in your job and personal settings, it is important to know the first language of the country.

For all levels, we teach reading, writing, speaking and listening.

This is the perfect ESL course for you, if you wish to:

  • Speak English fluently
  • Understand Canadian English accent
  • Independently communicate better at home and work and in social circles
  • Grow in Canada with language skills that broaden your opportunities
  • Understand your kids and help them with education in Canada

English speaking course ESL

ESL Classes in Mississauga Area - Information

If you want to take up an English Speaking Course in Brampton, then join our courses to speak the language fluently.

Course Name: English Language all levels for all ages
Course type: Certificate
Campus: Brampton, ON
Schedule: Weekdays (morning & evening) and Weekends
Call us for more details: +1 905-872-0088

One on one classes available.

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English Classes Near Me - Highlights

If you wish to speak English fluently, then join our ESL classes, Brampton.

small class size for data entry course

Small class size
Small class size enables our teachers to offer you the required attention to learn English successfully.


One-to-one classes available
One-on-one classes are available on demand. Get full attention of your teacher with one-to-one English learning sessions offered by Queenswood College. This enables teachers to personalize the lessons to your needs.


Study as per you schedule
People who are working or studying can set their own class schedule, so that they can learn English speaking without disturbing their other commitments.

upgrade your language skills

Learn basic to advanced ESL skills
We offer Basic, Intermediate and Advanced ESL classes. These help you be fluent with English speaking, vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure and phonetics.

Have a second career

Communicate well to grow
When you can communicate well in English, you have more chances of meaningful interactions and personal and professional growth in Canada.


Who can do this course?
Anyone with any level of education and any age can learn how to speak in English.

Course Outline for English Language (ESL)

The outline of our ESL short-course will help you walk and talk with confidence, as knowing the first language of the country can be helpful in getting better jobs and other professional and personal opportunities.

When you search for ‘english classes near me’ from Brampton, Scarborough, Mississauga, or other cities in Toronto Area, we are your top choice.

english speaking course grammar

English Grammar: English Grammar section of the course is designed to establish strong English language fundamentals. This ensures that you are able to communicate with accuracy


english course in brampton vocabularyEnglish Vocabulary: Learn the right words and pronunciations for different objects, feelings, and things. Your communication is more effective when you use the right words in the right context. You will improve your phonetics skills, too.


english sentence structureSentence structure: Our experienced teachers teach you tenses and the right way to structure a sentence. This helps you understand how to say what you want to and deliver your messages correctly. The correct use of tenses and grammar will be taught to you through practical examples and situations.

english speaking fluencySpeaking fluency: Our spoken english classes help you practice speaking in English with your teacher and fellow classmates to gain fluency in speaking English with confidence. 

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