Microsoft Office Courses Brampton

Learn Microsoft Office skills with to get work online and better jobs and take your business to the next level. Our Microsoft Office courses prepare YOU to be great at presentations, crunching data, and preparing documetns that stand out.

This is a perfect course for you, if you wish to:

  • Rise to better jobs in your company or elsewhere
  • Work from home
  • Upgrade your Microsoft Word skills
  • Create professional presentations with PowerPoint
  • Work with data on Excel
  • Manage database with Microsoft Access
  • Manage emails with Outlook
  • Pay bills or shop online

Microsoft Office Courses in Toronto Area – Information

Join our Microsoft Office courses to upgrade your skills.
Course 1: Microsoft Word
Course 2:
Microsoft Excel
Course 3: Microsoft PowerPoint
Course 4:
Microsoft Publisher
Course 5:
Microsoft Access
Course 6: Microsoft Outlook

Course type: Certificate
Campus: Brampton, ON
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Microsoft Office Courses Highlights

To be proficient at work with documents, emails, presentations, and data, take our Microsoft Office courses in Toronto Area (Brampton).


Flexible Classes
Decide your class time as per your schedule. Choose a day and time that suits you.

small class size for data entry course

Small class size
We like to deliver quality lessons, therefore we have small class sizes to ensure that you get proper attention in class.


One-on-one attention
One-on-one attention is given to all students. Our teachers ensure that your learning challenges are taken into account in class.

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Learn basic to advanced Microsoft Office skills
We offer Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Microsoft Office courses for PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Publisher, Access and Outlook.


Upgrade to betters jobs in your company
A short Microsoft Office course can help you move to a white collar job or move to a better job in your company or outside.


Work from the comfort of your home
Many earning opportunities are available online, allowing you to work from home during harsh winters. Prepare yourself for such jobs with good computer and Microsoft Office skills. Our Microsoft Office courses  can help you learn tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outloook and Publisher to easily work from home.


Who can do this course?
Anyone with any level of education, basic knowledge of English and Computer, and any age can learn how to use Microsoft Office. Our Microsoft Office courses in Brampton (close to Mississauga) can help learners with any level of knowledge.

We highly recommend computer courses to:

  1. School students
  2. New school graduates
  3. People looking to upgrade their skills for better jobs
  4. New professionals in Canada
  5. People looking to work from home
  6. Labour market employees looking to move to a white collar job

Course Outline – Basic to Advanced Microsoft Office Courses in Brampton

The outline of these courses help you use Microsoft Office tools to excel at work, get better jobs, and prepare for a better future.

Microsoft Word

Basic Microsoft Word
Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of English language and Computers

Learn about Screen Layouts, Words Processing Essentials Principals, Viewing your documents, Efficient navigation, Selecting Text, Enhancing text with formatting, Working with Clip Art pictures and drawing commands, and Printing.

Intermediate Microsoft Word
Basic Microsoft Word Course

In this level, you learn about Using Smart Art and WordArt, Working with Pictures, Clip Art, Text Boxes and Shapes, Understanding Section Breaks and section, Creating a Table of Contents (TOC), Creating an Index, Working with Quick Styles, and Using Installed and custom Templates.

 Advanced Microsoft Word
Intermediate Microsoft Word

Understand the mail merge process, setting up the main document, previewing and completing the merge, merging envelopes and labels, protecting and sharing a document, reviewing, comparing and combining documents, using citations, sources, bibliography and cross references, and use bookmarks, footnotes, endnotes and captions.

Microsoft Excel

Basic Microsoft Excel
Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of English language and Computers

Learn about Spreading Principals, Screen layout, Entering Data, Working with sheets, Navigation, Creating formulae, Cell Reference, Formatting, and Printing.

Intermediate Microsoft Excel
Basic Microsoft Excel Course

Format Custom Themes, work with Quick Styles, use Conditional and Custom Formatting, reference data, use hyperlinks, create tables; sorting and filter data; group and outline, creating, format, and modify charts, use conditional logic in formulas, use formulas to look up data (VLookup), use formulas to modify or format text, use formulas for financial calculations, and use

smart art, graphics.

 Advanced Microsoft Excel
Intermediate Microsoft Excel

Learn how to use formulas, use a Analysis Toolbar, understand and create PivotTable and PivotChart reports, use formula auditing tools, correct errors in formulas, modify workbook properties, customize the Quick Access Toolbar, automate tasks with Macros, protect and share a workbook, and review and consolidate workbooks.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Basic Microsoft PowerPoint
Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of English language and Computers

Learn about Screen Layouts, Creating Presentation, Formatting a presentation, PowerPoint view, Working with clip art, Preparing the presentation as a slide show, and Printing.

Intermediate Microsoft PowerPoint
Basic Microsoft PowerPoint Course

Explore Microsoft PowerPoint, Create presentations, enter text, view and navigate presentations. Edit, format and manipulate text and customize slides. Create, modify and format tables and graphics, create summary slides and supporting documents, proofread and finalize slides, preview and print presentations, and understand delivery options.

 Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint
Intermediate Microsoft PowerPoint

Learn to insert and modify a chart, create and modify a diagram, use hyperlinks, use animation and media clips, use and customize slide masters, create custom layouts, modify presentation properties, create custom themes, customize the quick access toolbar, and protect, share and review a presentation.

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