Microsoft Publisher Training Courses in Brampton, Canada

Our Microsoft Publisher Courses help students create different forms of publications including flyers, business cards, greeting cards, calendars, newsletters and much more.

This is a perfect course for you, if you wish to:

  • Create professional-looking documents
  • Upgrade your publishing skills
  • Sharpen your design skills
  • Earn by creating professional flyers, business cards, newsletters, etc.

Microsoft Publisher Courses

MS Publisher Courses – Information

Join our MS Publisher courses to upgrade your skills.
Course 1: Basic MS Publisher Course
Course 2:
Intermediate MS Publisher Course
Course 3: Advanced MS Publisher Course

Course type: Certificate
Campus: Brampton, ON
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MS Publisher Course Highlights

Learn a skill that will help you in your academic and professional life through our MS Publisher Courses in Toronto Area (Brampton).


Flexible schedule
Choose a day and time from various available learning slots. This will help you learn as per your schedule.

small class size for data entry course

Small class size
At Queenswood College, we have small-sized classes that ensure that every student gets proper attention while learning.


One-on-one attention
Our expert teachers give one-on-one attention to learners to ensure that they are able to grasp every concept properly.

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Learn basic to advanced MS Publisher skills
Our Basic, Intermediate and Advanced MS Publisher courses help students and professionals learn how to create professional documents and publishing material.


Work from the comfort of your home
With various earning opportunities available to people with skills acquired through this course, you can start earning from the comfort of your home.


Who can do this course?
Anyone with any level of education, basic knowledge of computer, basic knowledge of English, and any age can learn MS Publisher.

We highly recommend MS Publishing courses to:

  1. Everyone!
  2. Newcomers in Canada
  3. Students
  4. Professionals
  5. Labour market employees looking to move to a white collar job

Course Outline – Basic to Advanced MS Publisher Courses

These courses help you use MS Publishers to be able to explain and use different functions of Microsoft Publisher, create a variety of publications, create polished, professional layout and design and customize different documents.

Basic MS Publisher Course

Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of English language and Computer

ms publisher courseIntro to MS Publisher: Learn to use the tool, create a new publication, save and close a publication, etc.

Using objects: Work with objects in MS Publisher. Learn to select, move, delete and resize objects.

 Microsoft office publisher text boxText boxes: Learn to add new text boxes, insert symbols, check spelling, etc.

 Handling text: Add, select, delete, move, and copy text in MS publisher.

 Using business information: Work with business information by creating information sets, editing and inserting business information, using auto correct, etc.

 Other applications: Learn to work with text from other applications like Word and to open a file from another program.

Intermediate MS Publisher Course

Pre-requisite: Basic MS Publisher Knowledge

Template and design: Customize templates, change designs and layout, and apply different color and font schemes.

Page setting: Work with page setting, paper setting, margins, colums, and layout and ruler guides.

Enhancing pages: Insert Pages, Headers/Footers, and Page Numbers.

Microsoft office publisher text box

Linked text boxes: Link text boxes, create and adjust linked text boxes, and control text flow in linked text boxes.

Master pages: Use master pages, place objects, use multiple master pages, and name and move pages.

Building blocks: Insert and save building blocks.

Advanced MS Publisher Course

Pre-requisite: Intermediate MS Publisher Knowledge

Clip art and Word art: Insert clip art, adjust an image, and find and format clip art. Insert, create, edit and format Word art.

Using pictures: Add placeholders, insert, swap, caption and change pictures, and apply picture styles and formats.

Text and images: Crop pictures, wrap text around pictures, add page background, compress pictures, and save publication as a PDF file.

Lines, shapes and objects: Draw and adjust lines and shapes. Arrange, align and distribute objects.

 Other applications: Insert objects, copy data and embed data from other applications. Link data and update links and save documents as web pages.

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