Importance of Computer

Ranjit Kaur-Computer Instructor

Technology plays a vital role in human life. Computers is one of the boons of technological developments. Nowadays everything relies on computers. It has become an integral part of human life nowadays. So, it is obvious for every individual to be educated and remain at equality of level with latest technology and next-generation technological advancements. The use of computers is evident in every field for example communication, transportation, medicine industry, education, entertainment, machines etcetera. From education to work, everything is online in present times. As well as with vast career opportunities across all industries studying computers gives you an opportunity or platform to gain in-detail knowledge of the field. The basic computers course help people to understand the fundamentals of computers and develop their interest to learn how technological advancements can be further used for mass benefits.

After covid the value of computers has increased a lot. It showed us that at least basic knowledge of computers is must for everyone. Fundamentals of computers teaches people about the computers’ hardware and software. It introduces individuals with the different computer hardware devices used for different purposes. It tells them how to operate a computer.

People with no knowledge of computers or with little knowledge of computers can join basic computers course to get knowledge of this and learn how to use it. They can connect with people all around the world with the help of internet and social media. They can share their reviews on anything at social platform. People who stay home and not able to go outside can keep themselves updated by reading news online, watching live news, ordering groceries while sitting home, paying bills online, booking their trips online, emailing and sending their important documents in an attachment and downloading attachments from received emails. Not only this, parents who have never studied computers before and now they feel like disconnected from their kids can cover this gap by learning computers. They can help their kids in their studies. Women who stay home and take care of children all day, they can start their business online, thus use their time productively. Old people who are dependent on their family or knowns to take them everywhere like doctor, grocery or so can learn computers, can learn how to use apps like uber to book their ride and go freely anywhere without any worries.

It is often said that “A strong foundation is the start of a shining and successful career”. We believe it is never too late to start anything especially learning. Knowledge of Computer in present era, is a necessity. It is in demand.